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One-Stop-Shop Service


Canadoil group is the only global provider of Integrated Piping Solutions and has its own Unique One-Stop-Shop business model for piping solutions delivered directly  to its customers providing a great advantage to the customers in term of significantly reduced lead-times for end-users.

One-Stop-Shop for piping solutions:

  • Provides full turnkey solutions as value-added services beyond supplying pipe and fittings parts

  • Full range of products and services including: line pipe, process pipe, specialty pipe, fittings, pressure vessels, coating and engineering services



The Canadoil Group Logistics team is devoted to fulfill Group Mission, having as first point the satisfaction of Customers expectations; with operations as global network of offices and factories, with production plants and storage areas strategically located near main Country Logistics facilities, allowing transportation and storage  costs reduction, even if operating timely shipment all around the world.

Canadoil Logistic include owned fleet of trucks, and collaborate with reliable major ships, trains and airplanes shipping Companies all over the world, with a special meaning for North America Customers.

As a result, Canadoil is able to offer its customers highly competitive door-to-door transportation for the entire Canadoil Group Production catalogue, from small fittings to long pipes and big tanks, and to handle the raw material, consumables and machinery that the Canadoil Group Plants need for in time production

As customers' delivery needs require special transportation, the Canadoil Group Logistics team is able with our skilled team to find and apply the most effective solutions.

Canadoil Group Logistics team is proud to be formed by experienced officers operating in various situation for many years as by officers that are internally formed and experienced; the mix is a very competitive, aggressive and professional staff, able to manage with enthusiasm, readiness and pro activity a variety of shipping innovative alternatives, with always a saving costs attitude and safety approach for goods and persons

Canadoil Group Logistics team culture include the reliability to keep track of goods and related documentation efficiently, by realizing the importance of the ability to identify the position at a time, we offer on-line transfer of shipping documents and our proprietary shipment tracking system.

Canadoil Group Logistics team considers shipping, a critical part of meeting our customer's expectations and our own on-time delivery goals. Canadoil Group Logistics team strives to do so in a way that minimizes our customer's cost and effort. Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage through superior transportation and logistics services.

Canadoil will meet and exceed our customers' expectations of service through timely communications and quality information.

Canadoil will accomplish our mission through our commitment to provide:

  • Excellent Service.
  • Value added service.
  • Continued innovation in technology.
  • Ongoing training and development of our team.

With service as the base, technology as the tool and teamwork as the driving force, Canadoil Group Logistics team uses all of its resources - every day, every load - to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.


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